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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Combined Shipping SAVE MONEY $$$$

What is Combined Shipping, Anyway??

Combined shipping is where you purchase two or more items with one seller and get a discount on the shipping rates.
If item A is $4.50 to ship and item B is $6.00 to ship, it would be $10.50 for shipping without combined shipping. Many sellers will give a discount for shipping so Items A &B would maybe cost $7.00 for shipping, saving you $3.50 just on shipping costs.
Each seller has their own formula for figuring their combined shipping rates. Some charge the highest and then a specific dollar amount for each item after. Some charge combined weight (that is what we do). It all comes down to the same thing, you save money by purcasing more than one item from that seller.
If you bought Item A from one seller and Item B from another, you WILL pay two different shipping prices and NOT get the combined shipping rates.
It is always worth your while to browse a sellers auctions or store to see if they have two or more items you wish to purchase, to save you money!!
Most sellers will have noted somewhere in their auctions that they combine shipping, if it is not there do not assume that they will combine shipping for you, you must ask.

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