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Friday, October 26, 2012

Please People, Check ALL Shipping Prices!!!!!!!!!!

Before You Click to Bid or Buy........Check the shipping Price

Most sellers will have the shipping/handling price listed in their auctions. If they do not, please email them for the price.
There is a rampant problem with eBay sellers avoiding eBay fees by inflating the s/h price and offering a Low starting bid or Buy It Now price. These are the sellers that offer a one cent buy it now and $25.00 s/h for a one pound item.
Honest sellers will add a small fee (to cover supplies) to the actual shipping weight.
Dishonest sellers will add the price of the item into the handling charge and the cost of the item is too good to be true. They are just trying to avoid paying their insertion fees and final value fees that eBay charges sellers for listing/selling. If they are dishonest in that sense then they will most likely be dishonest in other ways. They are just GREEDY!
Please check the shipping charges of EVERY item you bid on and buy. If the shipping price is outrageous please report them to eBay. At the bottom of each auction is a button to click "Report This Item", use it to snuff out these bad sellers.
And remember, if it sounds to good to be true it probably is.

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